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Unveilings of the Unseen Retreats 

All our tours incorporate at least one Spiritual Retreat. By attending a retreat one attains many benefits but not limited to:

Strengthening ones belief & faith in Allah ﷻ‬ and the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ by Witnessing the Unveilings of the Unseen Spiritual World . 

Practically learns how to implement the method of Spiritual travel into the Unseen world to strengthen the belief in the hereafter. 

Transform their Khushu & Presence in Prayer by experiencing Spiritual Unveilings through their prayer. 

Learn the unique seven step method to developing an intimate connection with Allah ﷻ‬ through dua and inner peace. 

Learn how to connect with the World of Barzakh (World of the Grave) & Interact with the Pious & Righteous.

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